Soldiersmothers of St. Petersburg publish three cases of human rights violations within the army

Zahlreiche Flüchtlinge aus den Staaten der russischen Föderation
halten sich in Deutschland auf, weil sie vor den unmenschlichnen Bedingungen
in der russischen Armee geflüchtet sind. Im folgenden dokumentieren
die Soldatenmütter von St. Petersburg drei Fälle von Menschenrechtsverletzungen
innerhalb der russischen Armee mit dem dringenden Appell an internationale

Soldiersmothers: Publishment of three cases of human rights violations within the army

– Urgent need for international help!

Soldiersmothers of St. Petersburg
Ella M. Polykova, Chair

Roman Rudakov, Russian conscript, suffered cruel mistreat from the part
of his fellow-soldiers and officers. As a result, he was brought in a
very dangerous condition to St.-Petersburg State Army hospital, where
he had almost all his intestines amputated. It was impossible to cure
such a disease in St.-Petersburg hospital, but he was brought to Moskov
Burdenko State Army Hospital only after a demonstration in front of St.-Petersburg
hospital, organized by “Soldiers’ Mothers of St.-Petersburg”.
But in Moskow he couldn’t receive sufficient trestment either. Now
he is in Burdenko hospital in Moskow, in a very pour condition, and only
an immidiate operation abroad can save him.

Anton Ephimenko, conscript of Russian Army, was forced to subscribe a
contract by tortures and mental pressure. After subscribe the contract
he suffered from permanent mistreat and threats from the part of officers.
This caused him to leave his military disposition. Then he was arrested
near his home, brought to the same disposition and for about a month without
any juristic sanction stayed in a kind of illegal prison (carcer of a
size 4x5m, where, besides him, there was at the same time from 5 to 8
another prisoners). Though during the trial he repeatedly stated that
he was forced to subscribed the contract and repeatedly cruelly mistreated
after subscribing it, he was acknowledged guilty for being absent in desertion
and condemned to 1,5 years of military prison.

Evgenij Volkov, 18-years old young man from the villiage near Pskov,
was forcefully brought by Petersburg police to the conscript office, though
he was not a citizen of Petersburg. Being unable to explain to military
officers, that he has nothing to do with Petersburg conscript office,
he attempted to run away through the window. As a result, his vertebra
was broken in several places. Then he was fixed down to the central heat
batary and spent in such a condition about ten hours without any medical
help. After that he was brought to the state hospital and after several
surgery operations sent home. Neither sufficient medical curation and
reabilitation, nor any kind of material compensation was given to him.
There was no trial over those who are guilty of this accident.