Breaking through Chains of Traumatization – Overcoming Uncertainties – Strengthening Protection Systems


Quite a few asylum seekers have experienced traumatic experiences before, during and/or after their flight to Germany. For this reason, professional support is necessary. This allows sufferers to break through a series of different traumatic experiences (so-called traumatization chains).

Among other things, the project aims shall strengthen protection systems for traumatized asylum seekers. To this end, it is necessary to facilitate access to psychosocial care facilities and to overcome further uncertainties. In addition, existing treatment structures should be expanded and further professionalized.

The objectives of the project are pursued on three levels: the inclusion system, the protection system, and the health system.

The MFH cooperates here at the level of the inclusion system, explicitly around the visiting work/mobile help:

In the inclusion system – at the level of arrival and orientation in Germany during and after the asylum procedure – the early detection of mentally ill and/or traumatized persons shall be improved. Affected people shall be informed and informed directly about possible treatments and care offers.

This includes the provision of four so-called participatory information videos.

The following topics have been developed:

(1) What is (psycho-)therapy?,

(2) Applying for psychotherapy – What do I need to know?,

(3) My …your …our rights? – Rights, protection and framework conditions for refugees in Germany and

(4) I have a few questions?! – Child and youth welfare for unaccompanied minor refugees (umF).


The German-speaking versions of the videos can be found in the above-mentioned series – in addition, translated into Arabic, English, Farsi and Turkish.


On the other hand, the deployment of mobile consultations of various centers have been evaluated. The aim of the invention is to build on the experiences for a so-called BEST PRACTICE Model, which will be provided as a concept and can be used as a basis for further work.


More about the overall project and the framework conditions under: