Stop of admission to social service

Dear supporters, clients and cooperation partners,

currently we are not able to accept new clients for our social counselling due to a staff shortage.

If you need support concerning

– asylum procedure

– family reunification

– social benefits/ apartment hunting Etc.

You can contact the following information centres:


Flüchtlings- und Asylberatung (Diakonie Ruhr)

Jan Bertram
Westring 26, Raum 216
44787 Bochum
Tel.: 0234/9133-216


Sprechstunde: Montag bis Donnerstag, jeweils 10 bis 13.30 Uhr

Julia Gorlt
Westring 26, Raum 216
44787 Bochum
Tel.: 0234/9133-216


Montag 11-16 Uhr,
Dienstag 9-13 Uhr,
Mittwoch 11-13 Uhr,
Donnerstag 9-14 Uhr



ProAsyl /Flüchtlingsrat Essen e. V.
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 30
45127 Essen

Telefon: 0201 – 2 05 39
Telefax: 0201 – 22 00 387

Mail: info(at)

Offene Sprechstunden
Dienstag und Donnerstags
14:00 – 17:30 Uhr

Gelsenkirchen/ Wattenscheid

Ausländer- und Flüchtlingsbüro (Diakonie Gelsenkirchen Wattenscheid)

Astrid Kiepert
Kerstin Knuth

Pastoratstr. 6
45879 Gelsenkirchen
Telefon.: 0209 / 38948974
Fax: 0209 / 38948978



If you are already a client of the MFH, you are not affected by the admission´s freeze. We will do our best to attend you as soon as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience such as longer waiting time or cancelled appointments.

From 15/09/2018 on we will be able to admit new clients.


Kind regards,

Christian Cleusters