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Development aid to obstruct refugee movement

Since the adoption of the Global Compact on Refugees in 2018, humanitarian aid and international development cooperation become more and more important in international refugee protection.

Governments, mostly in the Global North, see development policy as tool to create conditions for a sustainable reintegration of returnees in their countries of origin and to find solutions for protracted refugee situations. In our 6th session of our series of lectures on 70 years of Geneva Refugees Convention on 13.01.2022 16:30 CET we will discuss about the critical role of international development cooperation and how the EU cooperates also with authoritarian regimes to prevent refugee movement into the EU with:

  • Simone Schlindwein, journalist and author of „Dictators as Gatekeepers: Outsourcing EU Border Controls to Africa“
  • Nina Violetta Schwarz, medico international, project „Return Watch“

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In cooperation with the Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict IFHV and medico international we realize a series of lectures during the winter semester 2021/2022 in English under the title “70 years of Geneva Convention – a reason to celebrate?”

We would like to thank Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfalen and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation for funding this project.

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